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Rhode Island Balloon Artists

Rhode Island Balloon Artists sculpt colorful balloon animals for children at birthday parties, fairs & festivals, promotions, and special events throughout the state. Their imaginative creations delight the kids who are fascinated to watch the objects take shape so quickly. Our Rhode Island balloon artists are experts at their craft and entertain small or large crowds, twisting adorable, hats, masks, flowers and all sorts of objects for children to take home as souvenirs of the day.

Rhode Island balloon artists take the craft to a whole new level!

Simple objects produced quickly for many kids at large events are wonderful, but did you know that our Rhode Island balloon artists can sculpt complicated structures such as, life size portraits of your guest of honor, a life size car, or a life size tree? If commissioned to create balloon art on a large scale as decoration for a special occasion, our Rhode Island balloon artists create unbelievable three dimensional sculptures which may serve as the center piece of any party d├ęcor. Guests react with amazement to the feat of balloon art on this level. It is a unique approach to presenting an atmosphere for celebrations such as weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, and holiday parties that will never be forgotten.

Rhode Island balloon artists delight children and parents with conversation

As they work their magic, conjuring up one animal or crown after another, our Rhode Island balloon artist carry on bright conversation with children and parents. Classified as entertainers, they present their skill with a sense of polished showmanship. Interacting with the children, taking requests and suggestion are all part of the fun, and our balloon artists RI are seasoned professionals.

Theme Balloon Art upon Request

If you are throwing theme party and would like a Rhode Island balloon artist to produce sculptures specific to that theme, we can satisfy that request. Safari, luau, pirate, circus, or any other party theme for children or adults is a welcomed challenge to our talented RI balloon artist.

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